"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows" James 1:17

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bring it on 2010

Happy New Year to you all! I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for 2010. I've come up with a list of goals (not resolutions) for the new year and I'd like to share them with you:

1. Eat healthier

2. Make the Bucs :o)

3. Continue the nightly Bible studies with my hubby

4. Take out a BIG chunk of our debt

5. Stay faithful and trusting in the Lord no matter what He brings our way

I wish everyone a very blessed, healthy and prosperous 2010! The Lord is going to do wonderful things!

I've been able to get some projects done this week and I am so excited to share them with you. My spray paint was being a pain in the butt and I spent a good 20 minutes unclogging 2 cans! I succeeded in spraying my feet in the process, grrr.

Remember this basket? (the top one)

I spray painted it black and added it to my bathroom

Here's the vanity chair I've had since I was about 14!! (Before)

And the after. It's going in our beach  bathroom that I'll show later.

Here are a few other things I'm using to spice up a shelving area in our entry way.

Goliath just had to be in the picture somehow

Isn't this gorgeous?! Would you believe it's plastic??It was clear before I spray painted it.
The hubby likes it a lot. SCORE!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A fab-u-lous Christmas

Hubby and I had such a wonderful holiday and I hope all of you did as well. I'm looking forward to getting back into my workout routine and not being tempted by all the goodies that HAUNT me the last 2 months of the year, lol.

Below are a few pics I took over the weekend. Enjoy!!

This is my favorite ornament but, it weighs like 7 pounds and I'm too scared to put it on my tree so I set it by the t.v. I love Santa's!

Sorry about the quality but, I couldn't get him to sit still long enough to get a good one. Surprisingly, this toy is still in one piece and none of his stuffing has been ripped out lol. Goliath is quite ferocious :o)

My baby sister being goofy normal.

I just love my mom's tall, skinny "Santa Clause" tree.

My mom is beautiful :o)

My mom has this hanging in the living room. It's seriously the most fabulous Santa I have EVER seen! And, I think I want one!

Now for something really exciting....
My mom has owned her own day spa for a while now and she decided to close up her shop and go into business with my dad. Only bad thing about that is no more free pampering for me :o( Anyways, On Saturday we went and helped her get everything out and clean up. Wait until you see the AMAZING things she let me have! She knows I've just started a blog and I'm trying to find my inner creative diva so, she thought she would help. THANKS MOM!!

Wall "hangy thingy"

I should buy stock in baskets, lol

She gave me two of these canvas paintings. I recently saw something that Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick
did and I fell in love with it!! I'm going to attempt to do something similar. Her blog is my favorite and you should check her out everyday!!

The quote is so true but, I'm taking out the picture and just using the frame.
I also got two more gorgeous frames.

Booo for broken glass :o(

How awesome is this lamp?!

OMG I can't wait to get my hands (and spray paint) all over this stuff!!! Now, I just have to decide what to do first. 


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Unto us is born a Savior

It's Christmas Eve and I'm laying on the couch watching The Santa Clause 2 (by myself) while hubby is downstairs working on his car. We were going to drive to my parents house to join in the festivities but, he wanted it to be just the two of us on Christmas morning. He is so sweet. I did promise some pictures of him and our puppy so here there are.

Here is my prince on our wedding day.

Goliath on Thanksgiving

And here he is playing Santa! Isn't he a cutie

Mom and I did find some good deals today. Especially at Pier 1. The line was too long but, I am definitely going back the day after Christmas. I have a feeling the sales will be awesome! I was able to get a project intoday. I've been trying to figure out what to do with these lamps that we have in our bedroom.

I was originally going to change the color of the stand but, the fixtures on our dresser and other furniture are this color so I decided to change the shade. I can paint the base later if need be.
The project ended up being a lot more difficult than I expected because the shade is so different in size from top to bottom. I didn't think about that before I started. DUH!! Can you tell I'm a newbie? It's not terrific but, it was the "look" I was going for. I suppose it could have turned out worse. Please don't judge me :o)

My next project is our dresser. It's gigantic and gorgeous but, has gotten beat up with all of the moving around we have done recently. It will be my first time painting a big piece of furniture so and tips would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy the time with your family and friends and never forget about the most wonderful gift that we have ever received. The birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Many blessings to everyone.

An early Christmas present

In the military you have the choice to take off either the week of Christmas or New Years. Since hubby is still considered the "new guy" at Macdill he really didn't have a choice and was scheduled to work this week 7am-7pm instead of the normal 7am-3pm. I'll admit, I was a little depressed. I've never spent Christmas Eve or Christmas Day alone! Christmas has always been a big, festive holiday in my family. There are lots of parties and get togethers with family and it hit me this year that I wouldn't be able to be part of it. I was really going to miss all of the delicious food family time.
My little sister has spent the week with us and my mom is coming to pick her up today and we are going to do a little shopping. We love the hustle and bustle...go ahead, call us crazy. I was going to get up with the hubby this morning and go workout while he got ready for work. When our alarm went off at 5:30 and he said "Surprise! I have today and tomorrow off!" I figured the gym could wait until later and I can take advantage of the snuggle time! I AM SO EXCITED!! God is so good!
I think I'm going to get up and make my prince and little sister some breakfast. I'll introduce you to the hubby and super cute dog later. I have a few projects I am working on and I hope to finish today. Yes, today, Christmas Eve, haha. I'm also hoping to find some bargains on our shopping adventure. 


P.S. The hubby is pretty much right out of GQ so, don't be jealous : )

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I finally did it!!

I have been reading these crafting/decorating/organizing blogs for the last 2 weeks and have become, not only addicted but, inspired by you wonderful women!
My husband and I got married September 26th and it has been a whirlwind, to say the least, since then. He is in the Air Force and two weeks before our wedding we had to move from Panama City to Tampa. After our wedding we only had one weekend to look for a house and decided to go ahead and just rent an apartment. We had no idea what a smart decision that would actually end up being. The day we leased our apt we had to travel to PA because my father-in-law was too ill to attend our wedding. We never would have been able to close on a house. My husband and I arrived in time to spend a few days with him before he passed. He was a wonderful man and we miss him so much.
When we arrived back in Tampa I was so excited to finally start decorating our place. Moving from a two story 3bd/2.5b to a 2bd/2b apartment was a huge change for me. I think going from 3 closets to 2 closets was the most difficult, HAHA. Even though I can't paint the walls or tear down the ugly cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, I am determined to make this the snazziest, most beautiful apartment anyone has ever seen...on a very tight budget. Let's just hope I don't spray paint my husband in the process. Did I mention he is a pack rat?! HELP!
So, thank you to those who share all of your ideas, tips, and tricks on making your home..a home. You have really inspired me and helped me to realize that it's possible, even if you don't have a lot of money. I am very excited and I hope you all bare with me as I learn and grow in this area.