"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows" James 1:17

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blue Angels and Ice Cream!

 These awesome guys are coming to Macdill AFB this weekend and I'm STOKED!!

Yeah, that's the U.S. Navy Blue Angels! As I'm typing this post they are practicing over my house, making it shake and scaring the crap out of my dog! It's been pretty AWESOME getting a sneak peak though. I will definitely be posting pics on Monday!

During the Air Fest on Saturday you will find me here...

Hopefully, I will be selling the ice cream instead of eating it all!!

So, if you're in the Tampa area on Saturday or Sunday stop by MacDill AFB for the Air Fest. It's from 9-5 and it's FREEEE!!! Except for the ice cream :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shaving Tips

Summer is quickly approaching (yayy) and since this cold weather has had me in pants everyday for months (it seems like years) I am very excited to start wearing shorts and dresses again. Summertime also means shaving our legs more often. No one wants to see Chewbacca wearing shorts. Am I right?
Sure we all want soft, silky legs but, razor burn and ingrown hairs aren't pretty either. Just follow these tips and you're on your way to to beautiful summer legs.

1. Try to avoid shaving when you first wake up. Your skin will be puffy so you want to wait about 30 minutes so that your skin becomes more taut and your hair shaft is more exposed.

2. NEVER shave with an OLD blade!! (Unless you like ingrown hairs and nicks) If you use disposable razors make sure you toss them after a few shaves. And, if you do cut yourself, rinse with cold water to slow down the bleeding.

3. I shave at the end of my shower so that the hot water has opened up my pores and my skin is softened. A nice soft hair will be more easily cut by the razor.

4. Be sure to exfoliate your skin BEFORE you shave. This will remove all of the dead skin that can clog up your razor and prevent a close shave.

5. There's absolutely NO need to waste your money on shaving creams made "especially for women." Just grab some Olive Oil! It contains Vitamin E and natural antioxidants that are great for your skin. Try to avoid pure and light olive oils and stick to extra virgin. Not only will your skin benefit from it but, it will prolong the life of your razor. Creams and conditioners clog your pores and ruin your blades FAST!!

6. Since your leg hairs grown down, you'll want to start from your ankles and shave up. Here's a bonus tip for your underarms...You'll need to shave in every direction since the hair grows in every which way.

7. Put your favorite lotion in the shower with you so that it's nice and warm when you are done. The skin on our legs has very few oil glands which is why they have such a tendency to dry out. (This is another reason shaving with olive oil is great.) Be careful with lotions that have a fragrance as they might irritate a newly shaven leg.

I hope these tips help out!! And, please don't shave when you're in a hurry. The result could be painful and turn your bath water into the Red Sea. ICK!!!

P.S. I was here yesterday :o)
Clearwater Beach
I didn't have to worry about shaven legs since I was wearing JEANS because it was freeeezing!!
Oh warm weather, come quickly!