"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows" James 1:17

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First day at my new job!

Starting a new job can be scary, especially when you don't know anyone. The Lord has truly blessed me with wonderful co-workers. So far, they have all been so helpful and nice. That makes going into work much more enjoyable.

Today, I had bra training. I had to learn about (and try on) every single bra. Soma has somewhere around 50 different bras and they all ROCK!! I am small chested so I wasn't able to try on some because they don't come in my size, LOL, but I was shocked at how well they fit me. I normally go for bras without an underwire because they are more comfortable. Let me tell you how shocked I was when I tried on the bras with an underwire; THEY WERE SO COMFORTABLE!! If you have never been into Soma Intimates you need to get your butt in there! Then come back and tell me what you think.

I did pick up a couple bras and some panties today, but I'm only going to put up pics of the bras
Elissa Lace Underwire Bra $44.00
Also comes in black. The matching panties are sooo cute!!

Essence Holly Push Up Underwire Bra $42.00
This bra is so comfortable!

If you like VS you are going to love LOVE Soma. Go see for yourself :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

A surprise. A new Job. Things I'm diggin!

Hey guys! First of all, thank you for the praying for Audrey and her family during their loss. It is never easy to lose someone you love, especially your husband at such a young age. Please continue to pray for her and their baby girls.

On a much MUCH happier note, I got a present last Monday :) I had gone out to eat with the ladies of the spouses club and when I came home this beauty was sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for me.

Yes, that is the Apple MacBook I've been wanting for months now!! I think it was pretty happy to have me too :) My hubby is one awesome guy!!

My second bit of good news is I got a job!! A couple weeks ago I applied at Soma Intimates and they called me back just last week!! It is an boutique specializing in shape wear, sleep wear, active wear and great clothes (nothing like Victoria's Secret). It is associated with Chico's and White House Black Market so I'm pretty siked!

I've been in a shopping mood lately and have come across some things I loooove. Summer clothes are so simple and light and flowy and I love that. So, here are a few of my most recent favorites.
 Beaded Tank from Forever21. This is BEAUTIFUL on! $22.80
    Chiffon Petals Top from Forever21. $15.80
Cap Sleeve Ruffle Top from Forever 21. $17.80
Fold Over Shorts from Forever 21 $22.80
Linen Pants from Forever 21 $22.80
Pleated Skirt from Forever 21 $17.80
Stop and Smell the Roses Dress from Francesca's $34.00
Stud By My Side bag from Francesca's $44.00

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sad News. Prayers Please

Good morning ladies. I'd like to ask you all to keep a special friend of mine in your prayers. Her name is Audrey and she is part of the Enlisted Spouses Club I am in at MacDill AFB. On Tuesday her husband unexpectedly passed away. A bunch of us wives just had a get together Monday night and it rips at my heart knowing that she had no idea how her life would drastically change the next day. It's a very different feeling when it happens to someone you know. Please PLEASE keep her and their two small children in your prayers. I held my husband a little tighter last night and plan on doing the same for many days to come.

I praise you Jesus for the life and breath you have given me today!

Stayed tuned for a later post on a little present I got and a few outfits :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mosh Pit

That is pretty much what this post is. HAHA. I've got a few things I want to share so excuse me jumping from one thing to another : )

Last week was AWESOME at the gym. On Friday I ran 1.5 miles in 12:55. That's pretty darn good for me! I love to run, but I run slow. I was actually trying to see how I did compared to the military PT test for women. To max out at 50 points you need to run it in 11:55 so I was only off by 1 stupid minute!!! I'm still proud of myself :) I ate really well last week too and I've got some delicious dinners planned for this week. Hubby has engine run school so he will be on days. YAYYYYY!!!

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I had an interview last week or not but it didn't go well. Turns out the doctor thought I had already graduated from nursing school! Apparently she didn't read my resume that CLEARLY states I am in school!! Very frustrating! Anyways, I've decided to do liveops. It's basically like a call center except I can do it at home. I'll be taking calls for infomercials like Sham Wow and P90X, etc. Easy money and I can do it while hubs is at work! Fingers crossed it goes well : )

My baby sister's birthday is coming up and I am doing all of the planning. She wants a slumber party theme and I've found some awesome ideas by browsing the internet. She is so excited and I'm so excited to be planning it for her. If anyone has any ideas please send them my way!

No new outfits for the weekend. I've been lazy and just lounging around the house. I'm pretty sure you don't need to see my jammies, lol. I'll have some next week : ) I'll leave you with a super cute dress that I might have to go and pick up! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. XoXo

Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey guys! I was just over at Larsen Loves and decided to link up to the Blog Hop! FUN FUN FUN!! Link up and join too!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back on Track!

It felt so wonderful to work out today! I kicked my butt and just about made myself pass out, lol. During the day and while I am at the gym, I record everything on my ipod. I record the calories I take in and the calories that I burn. Unfortunately, hubby has my ipod right now : )

One of the things I try to do is change up my workouts. That is one of the reason I really enjoy doing P90X. It's all about muscle confusion and that is key for getting FAST results. I've been trying to incorporate it into my workouts at night. Sometimes I get to it, other times I don't. LOL.
Stairmaster 30min
Spinning 30min
Elliptical 30min
P90X Core Synergistics

It's time for me to make the pleasant trip to the grocery store so I'm having to get creative with my cooking.
Breakfast - Fiber One Yogurt and Iced Coffee 
Lunch - 4 Taquitos
Dinner -Baked Basa with brown rice and green beans
Snacks - I don't think I had any snacks today. I can't really remember, HAHA

That's all for tonight friends. Hope everyone had a fabulous Monday!

Monday, April 12, 2010

2 New Outfits!

I am not even going to get into my eating and workout over the weekend. It is just disappointing. I will be back on track tomorrow!

Now on to TWO outfits. The first one I wore on Sunday. We made a trip to Ocala to visit my parents and baby sister. It was such a nice time. Mom and I went out for a girls day and dad, hubby, and baby sister went fishing.
The sweater top is from Forever 21. It is so lightweight and cute. I get compliments every time I wear it!
Red lace tank top is from Charlotte Russe.
The shorts are sooooo cute! They are a navy blue with small white polka dots all over. They are also from Charlotte Russe. Here is a close up.

I worse some gold thong wedges that I forgot to take a picture of. Oops. I think this outfit has a nautical feel to it. Don't you??

Okay, outfit #2 pretty much has the same color scheme hehe. I didn't even notice until I saw the pictures. I had an interview today so dressed up a lil bit :)

Red lace tank is the same one from the first outfit.
Lightweight cover up is from Charlotte Russe
Black pants from Forever 21
Earrings from Charlotte Russe
And those super HOT shoes are from White House Black Market. They are actually my wedding shoes :)

I'm really enjoying posting my outfits! I normally only wear gym clothes and jammies during the week, but I might have to actually get dressed just so I can post about it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Outfit of the Day

Hey yall! Since I've been boring you with posts about what I eat all day long I thought I would share something super cool! Trina over at xoxo,trina had the genius idea of posting videos of her outfits: like what she wears to work, date nights, etc. I thought it would be fun to do the same! Her blog is pretty stinkin AWESOME (one of my top favs!) So please check her out and go through her archives. I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

Let me start off by apologizing for the quality of my pics. I have a nice camera, but it's not a niiiiiiiice camera, if you know what I mean :) I might attempt to do a video sometime, maybe. Maybe not. Okay, so here is my outfit for today. We ran some errands and since it was sunny out I decided to show off my white legs. I look super freckly (is that a word?) too!

The top is lavender one-shoulder with ruffles from Charlotte Russe. It's $17, BUT if you have a student or military i.d. you can get 15% off!!! It is very comfortable and nice length. It also comes in black.
The black shorts I have had FOREVER!! I'm pretty sure I got them from JC Penny, but I can't remember.
The flip-flops are from Francesca's and they were $12
These earrings look much cuter in person. They are from Forever21 and were $5.50

So, I hope you enjoyed the first of my Outfit of the Day posts! Don't forget to check out Trina's blog!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fingers Crossed!!

I have two interviews this week and I'm so excited. My husband has been gracious enough to let me stay home since we've moved to Tampa, but I'm ready to be working again. Please pray one of them works out for me!!

Today was a pretty good day at the gym. My P90 book said it was time for shoulders and arms, but I did that on Monday so I just loaded up on some cardio. I was able to get into the dance room for 30 minutes and I kicked my own butt!! I spent 20 minutes on turns alone so to say I was dizzy is an understatement, haha. After that I did some kick exercises. I'm pretty sure my legs are going to KILL me tomorrow. Hey, no pain no gain right?
Dancing  30min  160cal
Elliptical  60min  630calories
Treadmill  31min  341calories
Bike Ride  35min  284cal

Shape.com has a really awesome tool called the Calorie Burn Tool. If you're ever unsure about how many calories you've burned during an exercise, just plug everything in to this little helper and it will calculate for you!

Breakfast  Apple w/ peanut butter  150cal
Snacks  Nature Valley Bar  140cal  Popcorn 100cal  Lemonade 200cal
Lunch  Leftover wrap from last night and Cape Cod chips  246cal
Dinner  Sloppy Joe  400cal
1236 for the day.

I was reading through the April issue of Fitness magazine today and it's a goooooood one. One thing that I found very interesting was there Simple Secrets to Total Body Confidence. They asked their readers to write letters to their own body. Umm AWESOME and inspirational! I will leave you with a few of my favs.

You are gentle, beautiful. Thank you for being there for me. You deserve a new pair of jeans, since you've kept me healthy while training for the half-marathon.  -Maria Anter Rothenburger

Thank you for helping me beat breast cancer when the doctors gave me no chance. Thanks for letting me live out my dream job as a personal trainer. Just try to keep up with me, OK? Love you!  -Nicki Jones

Your strong legs take me anywhere I need to go. When I think of how many miles I've walked over my lifetime, it would take me halfway around the world. Please stay energetic and healthy so I can be as mobile at 80 years as I was at 18.  -Curlypow

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ummm What?!

You k now how it goes when you start a new routine...you hit a bump in the road. My bump came today!

First of all, my precious puppy is sick : (  He is too darn cute to be sick! His allergies are acting up because there has been so much pollen in the air. His nose and stuffy and his eyes are watery so I had to pick him up some meds which caused me to be SUPER late for the gym. I don't think he's slowed down a bit though! He's my little trooper. Just look at this cute guy...
P.S. His name is Goliath, hehe

Back to my bump in the road. SCHOOL!! Three essays due this week, two of them due tonight. I've been working on them for a while, but I want an "A" in this class so bad that I keep going back n forth. I finally thought it was pretty close to perfect and headed to the gym. By this time it was 1:00. I couldn't stay late at the gym because class starts at 5:30 and I needed to go in early and register for some class. Plus, I had to shower. I don't want to be the stinky one of the class. EWWW!! 

Enough complaining though here was my blah workout today.
Abs  30minutes 140calories
Stairmaster  20minutes 170calories
Elliptical  30minutes 350calories

Now since I didn't go home after the gym I had to get something to eat on base. So guess where I stopped? BURGER KING!! Now, let me justify my decision. All of the places to eat on base are fast food and I fasted fast food for lent so I was about to go CRAZY for a cheeseburger, haha. I want everyone to remember that it's okay to splurge a little once or twice a week. NOT one or two DAYS a week. If we constantly starve our bodies it will store fat and we will never lose it!! So go ahead and have that cheeseburger or slice of pizza. You deserve it : ) 
Breakfast  2 scrambled eggs with chopped red peppers  154calories
Lunch  1 piece leftover fish from lastnight  300calories
Snacks  1 Nature Valley bar, BK kids meal (yes, I considered it a snack)  650calories
Dinner  Half of a homemade chicken wrap and some cape cod chips  300calories 
1404 total for today. Not too bad. That might have been better than yesterday.

Today definitely could have caused some discouragement, but it's important to not let that happen. Life gets in the way sometimes and that's...LIFE! Oh! Here's my dinner recipe. I used some dijon mustard instead of yogurt. The mustard has less calories and less sugars! I also added a tsp of taco sauce, a tbsp of mayo, and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

How did Day 1 go?

Not too bad! Except I have a headache (too much sun today) and TWO essays to finish. I can't peal my eyes away from Dancing With the Stars though : ) Anyways, onto my day, my workout and my food!!

I think everyone in Tampa was at the gym this morning; it's normally pretty quiet at the time of day I go. Luckily the gym is big enough for all of Tampa so I guess I shouldn't complain. Here's what I did...
Treadmill 34minutes  400calories
Elliptical 36minutes  376calories
Bike 30minutes  245calories
Dancing 30minutes  280calories
Weights-arms 60minutes  300calories
I'm still panning on doing P90 tonight, but I need to finish my essays that are due TOMORROW!!!

I'm normally pay attention to what I eat throughout the day, but I don't normally count every calorie so this was a bit of a challenge. I hope the calories didn't sneak up on me... EEK!
Breakfast- 1/4cup cereal w/ 1/4cup 2% milk and an apple with 1tbsp peanut butter   300calories
Snacks- Fat Burner shake 392calories Popcorn 100calories
Lunch- Linguine w/cabbage 174calories
Dinner- Tilapia 1cup broccoli 1cup potatoes 496calories
1462 calories for the day!!! Yayyy for staying under my goal!!! My dinner was a little more than I wanted, but my headache was the clue that I needed some extra calories.

I worked on double pirouettes while dancing today and I must admit they are getting better. I'm a perfectionist so a sloppy double does not make me happy. They will be perfect one day and I hope that day comes within the next year, haha. Here the link to a video if some of you aren't sure what the heck I'm talking about. This dancer does them beautifully. I wish I was technically trained like her!
Now here's my recipe for my dinner tonight : )
Preheat oven to 320 degrees. Drizzle fish with olive oil and brush Dijon mustard onto both sides. Sprinkle with basil, salt and pepper and place in a medium casserole dish. Bake for 20 minutes and then broil for 3-5. Watch to make sure it doesn't burn. Easy and delicious!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Plan

First of all. Happy Resurrection Day to everyone!! This I know with all of my heart, His wounds have paid MY ransom! Can I get an AMEN?! That just makes me wanna run and jump around : ) I hope you all are enjoying your chocolate bunny's as well.

Now on to my plan for the year and the week.

 I will be posting my daily calorie intake and what I've eaten for the day to get me there. I'm planning on staying somewhere in the 1,500 range per day. Protein and good carbs are going to be crucial for me due to my workout plan. When it comes to meals I have some great recipes. I'm constantly checking out healthy recipe websites and I really love the Healthy Eating section at Shape.com  Check back for some awesome recipes.
Here is where you might realize I am crazzzyyyy! My workout plan consists of FOUR  hours in the morning and then P90x at night. I will be following their lean routine. I love P90 because it's constantly challenging my muscles and creating muscle confusion. That's the best way if you want to see results fast!
In addition to my regular workouts I will be dancing. I definitely have to keep that up because technique and flexibility can be lost so quickly. Every week I will give myself a goal; double pirouettes, higher kicks and a bow-n-arrow are just a few I've got so far. I've been choreographing dances for quite some time so I will also be posting videos of myself doing these dances. Feedback is much appreciated : )

Here's tonight's recipe and it looks delicious!! 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A New Direction

Sorry for being MIA for SO LONG (I'm sure all 8 of my followers noticed, haha) but life has been crazy!! Between trying out for the Bucs, school work, and looking for a job (and enjoying the summer sun I must admit) I've found no time for blogging or crafting. Insert BIG sad face here!! My schedule is about to get even crazier when summer classes start. I can't complain though. I'll be many steps closer to graduating!

In other news, I've decided to maybe take this blog in a new direction. I've recently blogged about trying out for the Bucs cheerleaders. It didn't work out for me this year so I'm preparing for next year. Nothing like a head start, right? Dancing, working out, and food are 3 things that I l.o.v.e and I think that's what I should be blogging about. Don't get me wrong, I love crafting, but until I find a job and start making monayyy I can't do too much. So, I'm inviting you all to come on this journey with me as I continue to follow my dream of becoming an NFL cheerleader. This should be fun :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blue Angels and Ice Cream!

 These awesome guys are coming to Macdill AFB this weekend and I'm STOKED!!

Yeah, that's the U.S. Navy Blue Angels! As I'm typing this post they are practicing over my house, making it shake and scaring the crap out of my dog! It's been pretty AWESOME getting a sneak peak though. I will definitely be posting pics on Monday!

During the Air Fest on Saturday you will find me here...

Hopefully, I will be selling the ice cream instead of eating it all!!

So, if you're in the Tampa area on Saturday or Sunday stop by MacDill AFB for the Air Fest. It's from 9-5 and it's FREEEE!!! Except for the ice cream :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shaving Tips

Summer is quickly approaching (yayy) and since this cold weather has had me in pants everyday for months (it seems like years) I am very excited to start wearing shorts and dresses again. Summertime also means shaving our legs more often. No one wants to see Chewbacca wearing shorts. Am I right?
Sure we all want soft, silky legs but, razor burn and ingrown hairs aren't pretty either. Just follow these tips and you're on your way to to beautiful summer legs.

1. Try to avoid shaving when you first wake up. Your skin will be puffy so you want to wait about 30 minutes so that your skin becomes more taut and your hair shaft is more exposed.

2. NEVER shave with an OLD blade!! (Unless you like ingrown hairs and nicks) If you use disposable razors make sure you toss them after a few shaves. And, if you do cut yourself, rinse with cold water to slow down the bleeding.

3. I shave at the end of my shower so that the hot water has opened up my pores and my skin is softened. A nice soft hair will be more easily cut by the razor.

4. Be sure to exfoliate your skin BEFORE you shave. This will remove all of the dead skin that can clog up your razor and prevent a close shave.

5. There's absolutely NO need to waste your money on shaving creams made "especially for women." Just grab some Olive Oil! It contains Vitamin E and natural antioxidants that are great for your skin. Try to avoid pure and light olive oils and stick to extra virgin. Not only will your skin benefit from it but, it will prolong the life of your razor. Creams and conditioners clog your pores and ruin your blades FAST!!

6. Since your leg hairs grown down, you'll want to start from your ankles and shave up. Here's a bonus tip for your underarms...You'll need to shave in every direction since the hair grows in every which way.

7. Put your favorite lotion in the shower with you so that it's nice and warm when you are done. The skin on our legs has very few oil glands which is why they have such a tendency to dry out. (This is another reason shaving with olive oil is great.) Be careful with lotions that have a fragrance as they might irritate a newly shaven leg.

I hope these tips help out!! And, please don't shave when you're in a hurry. The result could be painful and turn your bath water into the Red Sea. ICK!!!

P.S. I was here yesterday :o)
Clearwater Beach
I didn't have to worry about shaven legs since I was wearing JEANS because it was freeeezing!!
Oh warm weather, come quickly!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Love me some SHOPPING!!

I've got to tell you ladies about some awesome websites that I really looove! I'm not ashamed to say that I shop the clearance racks and that I very rarely buy anything for full price. Sometimes it pains me to purchase something not on sale. I go back-n-forth asking myself, "Do I really need this?" (My mom can't stand it, HAHA.)

With these websites I can purchase top quality clothes for up to 75% off! Yes, you read that right! Isn't it awesome?? The first three are Rue-La-La, Billion Dollar Babes and HauteLook. These are cutting edge fashion "clubs" that sell top designer clothes at CRAZY discounted prices. It's basically an online sample sale. The sales are for a limited time only and once it's over you're out of luck basically. They are free to join too!

The next website is the fabulous LuLus.com. Their things are super cute and very affordable. They've got some beautiful dresses out for spring and summer. I can't wait to wear some of them! If the weather decides to warm up before CHRISTMAS!!! 


Happy shopping ladies!! I hope you can score some cute and cheap goodies!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bucs tryouts update!

In less than a month I will be auditioning for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders!! Ahhhh!! I'm so nervous already and I know that my nerves will continue to grow.

This has been a huuuuge dream of mine for a long time and I know if it's the Lord's will then He will open all of the doors for me during this process. He's already opened one awesome door for me. One of my good friends, Karen, is a fabulous hair stylist and makeup artist. I really think she's the best there is : ) Well, she has offered to drive to Tampa on the day of tryouts and do my hair and makeup for me. WHAT?!! Yes, I'm serious! Did I mention she was a great friend and she did my hair and makeup for my wedding?
 Hair and makeup that lasted over 12 hours even through my dancing and everything!!!
Did I mention we went to a nightclub after our reception and then to Steak n Shake?? Yeah, we're awesome.
Okay, back to the subject. Now, I need to find an outfit to wear. Something that help me stand out, something that compliments my figure, and something no one else will be wearing! I've had the privilege of working with a wonderful dancer and choreographer. She is a former dancer for the Atlanta Hawks and she has given me so much wonderful advice and insider tips.

(okay so this website won't let me save the image, BOOHOO. Here's the link to my favorite shorts)

They are the only thing I've found that I like so far.Most girls wear black so I'm trying to stay away from it. If any of you dance-a-holics come across something cute, send it my way! I'll take all of the ideas I can get :)

P.S. Anyone in the Tampa area want to tryout with me?? I would love a tryout buddy! 



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Summer Lovin

One of my favorite things about living in Florida and it being summer about 95% of the time (except for our unusually cold weather this winter) is showing off my Barbie pink toenail polish in some SUPER CUTE sandals!!

I've been looking for the perfect pair of nude sandals and haven't had much luck. Soooo I did some online searching and found plenty of shoes to add to my shoe wardrobe. Here are some of my finds.
Thank goodness the hubby hid my American Express : ) 

Nine West $89.00                                                                Gianni Bini $79.00

Bisou Bisou $70.00 SALE $48.99!                                              Steve Madden $99.00 

I WILL find the perfect nude sandals before the end of summer!!! 


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New hair products

I've been using a few new hair products and I'm really enjoying them so I thought I would share.

I was recently at my parents house one weekend and decided to not pack my shampoo/conditioner. I ended up falling in looove with the conditioner my mom had. It's called SeaExtend Silkening Conditioner by Aquage.
I have coarse, thick hair and most silkening/hydrating products weigh my hair down and make it seem very oily.  Not this stuff!! I let my hair air dry and then used my straightener and couldn't believe how AWESOME my hair felt. It was smooth, silky, shiny annnd had more volume than normal. I was super excited when my mom told me I could have it. She also gave me this healing conditioner...

This one is pretty awesome too! I was my hair every other day and I just alternate between the silkening and healing conditioners. 

Awesome tip: Pick one night of the week to give your hair a deep conditioning (I do this on Sunday nights) After you put your conditioner in, put your hair in a shower cap and leave it for about 5 minutes. Rinse right before you get out of the shower. If you can take it, rinse with cold water for a few seconds.

I can't wait to find a salon in my area that sells this so I can stock up!! Here is the website if you would like to check out more of their products (there are a TON) Aquage Hair Products

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It got me!!

Yup! The nasty flu bug finally caught up to me. I started feeling it Thursday evening and it's just gotten worse since then. It hasn't slowed me down though!...until today, HAHA.

The hubby has been so wonderful this weekend. Yesterday he woke me up with breakfast in bed and then surprised me by taking me over the the Brandon Mall! You all know how much I looove shopping. We had a blast and then headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to meet some of his work buddies. I was sniffling and sneezing the entire day but, I was having so much fun!! Plus, I got some awesome deals from the beautiful place...
And these super comfy slippers from Brookstone

Today, I got breakfast in bed AGAIN! Then pretty much stayed in bed the whole day trying to recoup. Now, I'm up watching the Olympics because I am aaaaditcted!

Here's what I've had to eat the past two days.

Fishsticks w/ rice
Beef and broccoli 
Cheese sticks/nachos/onion rings
The BWW dinner super messed up my day haha

Eggs and turkey
Chicken Soup
And I'm about to make a pizza for dinner

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I love tax return season!!

Isn't it funny how every time I ask myself, "How am I going to pay for this?" the Lord provides? I should be used to his daily little miracles but, they never cease to amaze me. He is definitely MY provider :)

So...HOORAY for getting my tax return check!! I was able to pay off a credit card, get some groceries and buy few cauute things for myself. Hubby's will be coming in a few months. Since we just got married we filed our returns seperately. Anyone have any suggestions for next year? Should we file jointly?

Now on to something new I've decided to do. At the beginning of the year I mentioned that I was trying out for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders! Just look how awesome these ladies look...
 In my preparation for tryouts I've been working out like a MANIAC and trying to eat healthier. I've decided to cut out all fast food and chocolate. Of course I will have cheat days every once in a while. No one is perfect : ) So, everyday I'm going to post what I've eaten for the day. That way, my 5 followers can hold me accountable, LOL.

Today's Food
Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Nutra Grain Bar
Rice, Honey Mustard Chicken
Healthy Choice Soup

My first test came when my hubby got McDonalds on the way home tonight...and a McFlurry!!! Pure torture!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Fashion Trends

I am a HUGE fashion junkie!! I can shop for hours in stores AND online. My best girl friends are fashionistas too and I always have a blast shopping and hanging with them. While I like to keep up with the trends, I'm really big on only wearing things that I like and that flatter me. If you don't feel comfortable in what you are wearing then there is no way you're going to "rock the outfit."

Pantone has come out with there Top 10 Spring 2010 Colors for Women and #1 is GORGEOUS!

Pantone  15-5519

Tomato Puree
Pantone 18-1661

Fusion Coral
Pantone 16-1543

Pantone 16-3320

Pantone 16-1219

You can check out the other 5 Pantone colors here

Here are a few things that Elle.com says are super HOT right now. And they are super CUTE! Check these out...                                                    

I am totally digging the nautical look and girly dresses this season. Oh how I can't wait for it to be warm in Florida again! The cold weather is giving me extra time to get my legs ready for summer and shorts : ) 
I could seriously blog about this all day but, I better get off the couch and clean those dishes that I left from dinner lastnight...UGH!