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Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Plan

First of all. Happy Resurrection Day to everyone!! This I know with all of my heart, His wounds have paid MY ransom! Can I get an AMEN?! That just makes me wanna run and jump around : ) I hope you all are enjoying your chocolate bunny's as well.

Now on to my plan for the year and the week.

 I will be posting my daily calorie intake and what I've eaten for the day to get me there. I'm planning on staying somewhere in the 1,500 range per day. Protein and good carbs are going to be crucial for me due to my workout plan. When it comes to meals I have some great recipes. I'm constantly checking out healthy recipe websites and I really love the Healthy Eating section at Shape.com  Check back for some awesome recipes.
Here is where you might realize I am crazzzyyyy! My workout plan consists of FOUR  hours in the morning and then P90x at night. I will be following their lean routine. I love P90 because it's constantly challenging my muscles and creating muscle confusion. That's the best way if you want to see results fast!
In addition to my regular workouts I will be dancing. I definitely have to keep that up because technique and flexibility can be lost so quickly. Every week I will give myself a goal; double pirouettes, higher kicks and a bow-n-arrow are just a few I've got so far. I've been choreographing dances for quite some time so I will also be posting videos of myself doing these dances. Feedback is much appreciated : )

Here's tonight's recipe and it looks delicious!! 

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