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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IKEA and West Elm Browsing Trip

I'm kinda down in the dumps today due to not getting a position at Tampa General Hospital that I had really really wanted : (

I'm trusting in the Lord and I know that he will bring me the perfect job when the time is right. I'm so thankful for a supportive husband to encourage me. Believe it or not, I'm the one that wants the job. Hubby is happy with me being at home. But, living in a new city, I'd really like to make some new friends instead of always hanging out with Rob's friends. Nothing against your friends baby....lol.

I may just start that business I've been wanting to do for a while. No better time than NOW!

Anyways, after I did my housework and gave Goliath a haircut and a bath, I did some browsing on West Elm and IKEA's websites and found soooo many WONDERFUL things!! Here's a few. Well....a little more than a few.

It also comes in white but I am totally lovin this gray color. It will look awesome with white, green, black, blue or any color pillows and other accents.

Here it is in white! This little loveseat also folds
out into the cutest bed! Perfect for when we have both families over.

How cauuute is this West Elm rug? I'm a little afraid of prints
but, this one is to die for!
I'm not sure what my husband is going to think of it, haha.
It's okay..it will grow on him.

West Elm is the BOMB!!
I think this would look nice against the gray. The colors are
gorgeous and I love the lil birdie.

IKEA, can I get this in the above colors?

I'm really diggin this one for IKEA too.
You can't beat the price either!!

I'd like to curl up with this little blanket right now!!
With a good book and a glass of wine...maybe some
chocolate. Okay, that's enough!

Do you see that price?! These things are more
expensive at Wal-Mart. I could definitely use
this is my closet right about now.
And look at the pockets on the side!
I'm not crazy about the stripes but no one will
see it in my closet.

This picture from IKEA would be adorable
in our master bedroom...or anywhere in the
house. Love it!

This cutie is going in the "beach" bathroom.
I'm gonna fill it up with some TP so I don't
hear, "Babe where's the  toilet paper?!"
Who am I kidding. We all know men don't see
things that jump out in front of them, lol

So there are my random findings for the day. Now, I'm really depressed I don't have a job and money to blow on these gorgeous things!!
It's okay. I'm content with a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in and food to eat. I am more blessed than most. Thank you Jesus!


Emalee said...

I love IKEA and LOVE LOVE LOVE the tulip picture!!! Stopping by from SITS happy Saturday Sharefest!!!!

Melissa B. said...

I just bought that top couch last August. It comes in brown at our IKEA. I haven't bought a single thing at IKEA in years, because we're not very good at putting things together. Their cafeteria, though, has the BEST Swedish meatballs! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

The Saturday Sphinx

c2cmom said...

We've moved a bunch - and I hear you re: the job! It gets you out and among people, you'll make friends and gain recommendations for places to go, and things to try in your area (oh yeah, plus the $$). Seriously, I understand! Good luck!
Stopping by from SITS :-)

jennie.newland said...

Sorry that you didn't get the job! Hope that you get what you are looking for. What was you going to do there? Are you a nurse? (I aske because I am)

Dropping by from SITS, have a wonderful weekend